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Jurnal Economic Resource_(JER) is open access. This journal is published in _ March & September. Journal of Economic Resources|e-ISSN 2620-6196] is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year (March & September) by the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Muslim Indonesia_UMI. Journal of Economic Resource is a research work to publish articles that report the results of Economics. The Journal of Economic Resources invites manuscripts on various topics in Economics but not limited to Functional Development Economics; entrepreneurship; Management Development; and Accounting. Detailed information about the flow of events (author) until acceptance by the editor is shown in the following figure:

In short, the steps are:

    1. Manuscript Submission (by author) (route 1)
    2. Manuscript Check and Selection (by manager and editors) (route 2). Editors have a right to directly accept, reject, or review. Prior to further processing steps, plagiarism check using Turnitin is applied for each manuscript.
    3. Manuscript Reviewing Process (by reviewers) (route 3-4)
    4. Notification of Manuscript Acceptance, Revision, or Rejection (by editor to author based on reviewers comments) (route 5)
    5. Paper Revision (by author)
    6. Revision Submission based on Reviewer Suggestion (by author) with the similar flow to point number 1. (route 1)
    7. If the reviewer seems to be satisfied with revision, notification for acceptance (by editor). (route 6)
    8. Galley proof and publishing process  (route 7 and 8)

Jurnal Economic Resource Indexed & Title List of Journals by:

Vol. 7 No. 1 (2024): March-August

Published: March 28, 2024

A The Role of Self Control as a Moderating Variable on The Effect of Financial Inclusion on Financial Behavior

1-10 Meta Ardiana, Rachma Agustina; Dwi Pertiwi

The Influence of Packaging and Price on Consumer Buying Interest in Contemporary Beverage Products through Attitude as a Variable

11-19 Fadin Nur Rachman Fadin

The Influence of Organizational Culture and Work Motivation on Employee Performance with Job Satisfaction as a Mediation Variable at PT. Bengkulu Kokoh Perkasa

20-27 Rachmad Julius Fikri Rachmad; Arif Hartono

The Effect of Work Ability on Employee Creativity in the Digital Era in Mediating Work Motivation and Job Opportunities in Company Employees START UP Sleman, Yogyakarta

28-35 Jovie Armelinda Putri Seso Jovie, Muafi

Effects of Social Media Marketing on Buying Interest

36-46 Sopia Safitriyani Sopia; Istyakara Muslichah

Exploring e-Commerce Potential: Improving Sales Performance Through Product Innovation in The Agriculture Sector

47 - 56 Andi Macoa Gau, Nursahdi Saleh

Analysis of Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance

57-64 Rusdiaman Rauf, Semuel Pajala, Ronny Ahmad Asirie

The Effect of Relationship Marketing and Customer Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty at PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia

65-76 Verawaty Verawaty, Musdalifa Talawa

The Influence of Relationship Marketing and Banking Digitalization on Customer Loyalty Through Corporate Governance at Bank Mandiri KCP Sidrap

77-87 Verawaty Verawaty, Devi Damayanti Irwan, Ceskakusumadewi

The Effect of Tax Planning on Company Value in Manufacturing Companies in the Food and Beverage Sector Listed on the IDX

88-95 Asriani Junaid, Mushlih Saleh

Consequences of Ethical Behavior and Trust in the Sport Brand Industry in Indonesia

96-114 Kurniawati Kurniawati, Debora Galingging

The Role of Apparatus Competence, Community Participation and Control Systems on Village Fund Financial Accountability

115 - 129 Fahrudin Pasolo, Ricky Phylemon Kooh, Zakaria Zakaria, Yaya Sonjaya

Transformational Leadership Style, Transactional Leadership Style and Job Satisfaction

130 - 143 Latief Karim
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