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Jurnal Economic Resource_(JER) is open access. This journal is published in _ March & September. Journal of Economic Resources|e-ISSN 2620-6196] is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year (March & September) by the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Muslim Indonesia_UMI. Journal of Economic Resource is a research work to publish articles that report the results of Economics. The Journal of Economic Resources invites manuscripts on various topics in Economics but not limited to Functional Development Economics; entrepreneurship; Management Development; and Accounting. Detailed information about the flow of events (author) until acceptance by the editor is shown in the following figure:

In short, the steps are:

    1. Manuscript Submission (by author) (route 1)
    2. Manuscript Check and Selection (by manager and editors) (route 2). Editors have a right to directly accept, reject, or review. Prior to further processing steps, plagiarism check using Turnitin is applied for each manuscript.
    3. Manuscript Reviewing Process (by reviewers) (route 3-4)
    4. Notification of Manuscript Acceptance, Revision, or Rejection (by editor to author based on reviewers comments) (route 5)
    5. Paper Revision (by author)
    6. Revision Submission based on Reviewer Suggestion (by author) with the similar flow to point number 1. (route 1)
    7. If the reviewer seems to be satisfied with revision, notification for acceptance (by editor). (route 6)
    8. Galley proof and publishing process  (route 7 and 8)

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Vol. 7 No. 1 (2024): March-August

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